Version History

Version 7.5.6
Created December 31,2008
Renamed site to SS Online Universe.
Moved to new domain,, hosted by netins

Version 7.5.5
Created May 14, 2007
Changed pages to use css.
Merged Lyric page into Music page.
Added iPod & iPhone pages.
Removed menu bar and replaced with image map.
Removed animated gifs from Star Wars pages and most background sounds.
Link maintenance.

Version 7.5
Created December 4, 2005
Consolidated all Star Trek pages into one page.
Added episode guides for Star Trek, Enterprise and Star Trek Movies.
Star Wars Page has new graphic for all 6 movies.
Changed layout of lyrics page.
Added new lyrics.
New backgrounds.
Link maintenance.

Version 7.0.2
Created July 27, 2001
Link maintenance.

Version 7.0.1
Created December 29, 2000
Merged artists and lyrics pages into one.
Added lyrics for Pookey Bleum.

Version 7.0
Created September 13, 2000
Added menu bar in top frame for easier access to sub pages.
All new graphics and backgrounds.
Changed background sounds to MP3 format for quicker download times.
Now 110 albums for 29 artists on the lyrics page
Added Star Wars trailers in QuickTime format
Added animated gifs to the Star Wars pages
Added South Park page
Added episode guides for Star Trek TNG, DS9, Voyager, and South Park
Added tv schedules for Voyager and South Park
Added cgi scripts for counters and searching

Version 6.1
Created December 29, 1998
Move the entire website to netINS.
Reorganized the entire website.

Version 6.0
Created November 14, 1998
Reorganized directory structure of the site.
Added new graphic for Star Wars Page.
Added new page for Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace.
Added Best Of The Web and software pages.
Made new graphics and backgrounds for nearly all pages.
Added search engine for this site.
Added search engine for lyrics pages.
Converted all .wav files to .mov format.
Added new albums to lyrics page.
Created MacOS 8.5 Sherlock plugins for this site.
Reorganized and revamped interface for Star Trek page.

Version 5.2.3
Created April 10, 1998
Made new image map for artist page.
Added Meta tags to help search engines.
Added 5 new albums to the lyrics pages.
Checked and fixed all of the links on all pages.
Added new links to many pages.

Version 5.2.1
Created March 5, 1998
Added Top 10 Worldwide movies to movies page.

Version 5.2
Created January 18, 1998
Restructured Star Wars page and added new picture to it.

Version 5.1
Created November 13, 1997
Changed backgrounds of the title and side frames to match
the main frame.
Added 3 more albums to the lyrics page.
Add a new page for Nintendo.
Changed the sounds from .au to .wav
Added new links to several pages.

Version 5.0
Created June 30, 1997
Redone first page using frames.
Added no frames page and made all pages more text browser friendly.
Redone graphics on several pages.
Made new map for first page and for music artist page.
Made map for Star Trek page.
Made new page of lyrics for 22 different bands and 75 albums.
Added new pages for c|net, Aerosmith, Mariah Carey, Veruca Salt, Star Wars Box Office Information, and Star Wars Prequels.
Added a guest book.
Made top 10 movies a table and added the U.S. gross totals.
Added new links to several pages.

Version 4.6.1
Created March 25, 1997
Added new Star Wars Page for the Special Editions.
Added mailto links to each page.

Version 4.6
Created February 13, 1997
Restructured the Star Wars page.
Added new pages for Alanis Morisette and Movies.
Added new links to several pages.

Version 4.5.1
Created October 11, 1996
Made a few fixes to some pages.
Split the pages among www.public and www.cs.

Version 4.5
Created October 10, 1996
Made several cosmetic fixes to many pages.
Added background sounds to several pages.
Added new pages for Star Trek First Contact, Sheryl Crow, Metallica, Nirvana, and "Weird Al" Yankovic.
Added counters to all pages.
This page is now on MIT's Made With Macintosh page.
Added new links to several pages.

Version 4.1
Created June 30, 1996
Added links on first page to Netscape and Microsoft.
Added a search form to search Yahoo.
This page has been added to Yahoo.

Version 4.0
Created May 1, 1996
Added a map on the first page.
Added Friends page's and version history pages.
Look for the secret page.
Added counter.
Added new links to several pages.

Version 3.0
Created January 28, 1996
Made all pages Netscape Enhanced by including
backgrounds on each page.
Added mail feature
Added new links to several pages.

Version 2.1
Created Septembet 12, 1995
Added graphics to several links.
Included some new links.

Version 1.1
Created May 10, 1995
Added graphics to several links.
Included some new links.

Version 1.0
Created March 9, 1995
Text only web page.

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